The company

Finchain Technology Inc. (FTI) is a financial technology company founded in the Philippines in 2017.

We focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency business, which present the new opportunities for innovation in financial services.

FTI will build a world-class virtual currency exchange, powering the future of crypto finance.

FTI is composed of an international team with the backing of the investment from the owner of China VC exchange and the owner of P2P lending FinTech company. FTI will pioneer the development of blockchain technology service in the Philippines in future.

Purpose of business

We seek to build a business credit system by Blockchain and to build a decentralized exchange platform on which clients will keep their assets by themselves in the digital wallet, like putting money in their own pockets. To realize the optimality of market economy, to eliminate the credit risk and to build a sharing-profit economy model together with various industries under the mindset of Blockchain.

Business Partners


A VC Exchange with the No.1 trading volume in the world.


A platform provides the service of cryptocurrency payment and remittance.


A platform provides the service of lending business with cryptocurrency.

We focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency business


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